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UL 752 Standard for Ballistic Resistance

At Isoclima Specialty Glass, we take immense pride in our resolute commitment to upholding the highest safety and security standards. Our dedication to the realm of bullet resistance is unparalleled, recognizing that a comprehensive set of standards in this field forms the bedrock of achieving optimal security. This encompasses the rigorous UL 752 testing, a meticulous framework designed to assess ballistic protection, ranging from the implementation of state-of-the-art ballistic glass to the integration of innovative bulletproof materials. As professionals in architecture, engineering, and security, we rely on these building security standards to craft structures that exemplify resistance to firearms. Our commitment extends to achieving UL 752 certification, ensuring that our armor materials consistently meet the most stringent high-security standards and firearm safety ratings. Guided by our dedication to the latest security design principles, the utilization of materials resistant to threats, and our rigorous approach to ballistic testing procedures, we aim to empower you to elevate your security solutions.

NIJ Standard

Explore the Essential NIJ Standard Forms for Ensuring Top-Quality Law Enforcement Equipment and Safety. NIJ standards cover an array of critical areas, including body armor (bulletproof vests), and ballistic-resistant materials. These standards are pivotal in establishing robust performance benchmarks and rigorous testing methodologies, guaranteeing utmost safety and effectiveness for these indispensable products in the field. Discover how NIJ standards are instrumental in upholding the highest quality and uniformity in law enforcement equipment and procedures throughout the United States.