Isoclima North America Product and Plant included in Episode of Good Bones: Risky Business on HGTV and Discovery+

Isoclima Specialty Glass, formerly known as Dlubak Specialty Glass had a role in the September 27, 2022 episode of Good Bones: Risky Business.  The star of the show, Mina Starsiak Hawk along with a full production crew from her show visited the Isoclima plant in Blairsville, PA to see the production of a bent glass unit for a major project she is working on.  While at the plant, Mina visited with the team from Isoclima and spent time on the floor in virtually every workstation getting a feel for how specialty glass is manufactured.

“We were thrilled to have Mina and her team into our operation,” said Dave Hubert, Business Development Manager, Isoclima Specialty Glass.  “Being able to show her firsthand the quality approach we take to sophisticated specialty glass and getting her involvement in the process was a great experience.  Now for that to appear on one of the most popular shows on one of America’s highest rated networks (HGTV) is tremendous exposure for us and the entire glass industry.”

This spinoff series of Good Bones shows Mina taking on the biggest and riskiest renovation of her career as she transforms an 1800s Victorian home in Fountain Square into a bed and breakfast and event center that can be a legacy for her business, her children and the community.  The focus on this series is a 6,000-square-foot mansion that’s been the eyesore of its neighborhood for decades, often frequented by squatters. Having already passed through the hands of numerous buyers and remodelers — and even once being set ablaze by a squatter — the house presented itself as an exciting opportunity Mina simply couldn’t pass up, even though she wasn’t (and still isn’t) sure how it will pan out. Her goal? To transform it into a bed and breakfast and event space. Each episode will focus on a space within the mansion, detailing every thought and action that’s gone into updating it — in real-time.